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January 11, 2023

Gulf Breeze Veterinarian Dr. McClure

My name is Dr. Meghan McClure and I’m a Gulf Breeze Veterinarian and the owner of Gulf Breeze Animal Hospital, along with my husband, Dr. Dustin Russell who is the owner of Navy Blvd Animal Hospital in Pensacola. If you’ve made it this far, I know you care deeply for your pets just like I do. I knew I was born to take care of animals at a very young age. If you look at my family photo albums, you’ll see me as a little girl, holding up stethoscopes and thermometers to my stuffed animals. 

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I grew up, just up Avalon Road in Milton, Florida. After high school, I attended Mississippi State University for my undergraduate degree and to get my degree in Veterinary Medicine. While attending, I also met my now husband, Dr. Russell. After graduation, I knew I was being called home and found a place as a Gulf Breeze Veterinarian at Gulf Breeze Animal Hospital. I loved being close to Pensacola Beach, but close enough to my home base that it was just a short drive to see my family. We started a family of our own with our pets! At any given time we’ve had two dogs, three cats, two turtles, you name it. Just last year, in 2021, our family grew with our baby, Alice.

gulf breeze veterinarian

Gulf Breeze Animal Hospital

Shortly after Alice arrived, my longtime colleague, Dr. Tim Gossman retired, and my husband and I decided to purchase Gulf Breeze Animal Hospital. After seeing our pets interact with our daughter, our love for our pets only grew. We knew it then, but even more now- pets are family. That’s why we call ourselves, your “other family doctor.” We truly hope that when you arrive in our clinic, you and your animals feel comfortable, safe, loved and receive the best possible veterinary care. We have loved every moment of serving the Gulf Breeze Community and we can’t wait to share our updates with you in the future. To learn more about our values, click here.

gulf breeze veterinarian animal hospital meghan mcclure

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