December 14, 2023

Ear Infections in Gulf Breeze

Have you ever wondered why your dog is shaking their head or scratching at their ears? Ear infections in dogs in Gulf Breeze are a common health issue and can be caused by various factors. Some of the common causes include:

  1. Bacterial Infections: Bacteria such as Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas can cause ear infections in dogs.
  2. Yeast Infections: Malassezia is a type of yeast that loves to grow in warm, moist environments. Yeast is more apt to overgrow in dogs with floppy ears.
  3. Allergies: Allergies to stuff in the environment or food can lead to ear infections. This is a leading cause of ear infections in Gulf Breeze.
  4. Ear Mites: These little creepy crawlies can infect the ear canals. They are far more common in puppies and kittens.
  5. Endocrine disease: Conditions such as hypothyroidism and Cushing’s can predispose a dog to ear infections.

Symptoms of ear infections in dogs may include:

  • Scratching or rubbing the ears
  • Head shaking
  • Redness or swelling of the ear canal
  • Unpleasant odor
  • Discharge (brown, yellow, or bloody)
  • Hearing loss
  • Sensitivity or pain when the ears are touched

If you suspect your pup has an ear infection, it’s important to consult with a Gulf Breeze Animal Hospital. We can perform a thorough exam of the ears, and potentially take a sample to identify the specific cause of the infection. Treatment typically involves cleaning the ears and may include topical or oral medications depending on the cause.

Preventive measures to reduce the risk of ear infections in dogs include regular ear cleaning. Especially for dogs that are prone to ear infections. Dr. Adam has a video on our YouTube Channel about how to flush a dogs ear. Other ways to prevent ear infections are to manage allergies and addressing underlying health conditions. It’s important to follow your veterinarian’s advice for proper care and treatment.

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