March 17, 2023

Your First Puppy or Kitten Visit at Gulf Breeze Animal Hospital

Your first puppy or kitten visit at Gulf Breeze Animal Hospital should be something to look forward to! This is such an exciting time in your life! A new puppy brings happiness, laughter and a little frustration into our lives! It can shake things up in a positive way. 

When you are picking out a new pet, make sure to get vaccine and deworming history to bring to us. Feel free to bring your new pet in to see us at Gulf Breeze Animal Hospital before your visit so that the receptionists and techs can give them treats and lots of love! We have a treat bar and pup cups! We want their vet visits to be enjoyable! 

We will go through the records and see based on their history and age what your pet needs. We will communicate with you throughout this process and also make recommendations for parasite prevention. Prior to being fully up to date on vaccines, be cautious of high traffic areas like dog parks, gas stations, etc. 

Picking the right puppy 

Whether you are getting a puppy for your family, as a companion or to help ease the pain from a previous loss, make sure that you know the new pet’s temperament.  Our recommendation would be to pick the right breed or disposition that fits well with your family’s needs. Some breeds take more training and discipline than others. We have seen some people over the years pick a breed based on looks and find out that they are in over their heads!

Shelter dogs need love

Don’t forget to check out our local Escambia and Santa Rosa County shelters for puppies, kittens, cats and dogs that need homes! 

Schedule your visit at Gulf Breeze Animal Hospital

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